Body In Harmony Health Clinic

Specializing in Mental and Physical Health, Pain and Stress Relief

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 Body in Harmony Health Clinic

 Our philosophy at Body in Harmony is to help people to achieve optimum health on all levels..physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  A Balanced Body, Mind and Spirit is a Harmonious Person.

 By using a holistic approach to assist clients in unraveling their key health problems, we can address all aspects of the individual including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components, allowing a deeper healing outcome. We use a number of natural therapies and corrective techniques to assist the client to make changes which restore comfort, health and well being. 




 Modalities We Offer

Massage Therapy

Trigger Points

Sports Massage

Bowen Technique



Nutritional Supplements & Guidance

Natural fertility management
Consultations by Appointment only.
Mobile:  0419 040 296